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Clark44: i enjoy meeting new people...
Buscando: Hembra Edad 45 a 54
Estado: 56 Divorciado Derecho Masculino
Interés en: Relación a largo plazo
Etnicidad Blanco/Caucásico
Vivo: Vivir solo
Eye Catcher: Brazos
Altura: 5'5 pulgadas
Cuerpo: Sin respuesta
Pelo ojos: Sin respuesta, Negro
Fumar: De ninguna manera
Beber: De vez en cuando
Ejercicio Más de 4 veces a la semana
Política: Ninguna
Educación: Diploma de graduación
Religión: Sin respuesta
Ingresos: $45,001 a $65,000
Ocupación: Estate Investor
Descendencia: 2 niños
Personalidad: Aventurero
País: United States
Correo electrónico de amigos: Tu nombre:

I am single because i havent found the right woman yet On the other hand it is a choice i made after i loose my first wife to lung cancer, she likes smoking I was engaged in my last relationship to my first wife 20years she was nothing but a good and understanding wife, when I lose her, it was painful moment, you know what doesnt kill you makes you stronger


I am looking for one woman someone to spend the rest of my life with I mean one woman for the last time and my last relationship, I am very much ready to give it my very best just to make sure it works out , And I would want her "Maybe You" to do the same. I believe two heads are better than one, Someone loving, understanding, caring, loyal, honest someone who has what it takes to make a man smile someone who would love me like I love them and wants me always around her.


As she was getting ready for her date, a series of flashbacks started playing in her head.

The very first day at her office, when she heard his voice and a few hours later when she got a glimpse of him.

The next day, when she noticed his lobe piercing.

After days of hesitation, when she sent him a friend request and it was accepted within 5 minutes she felt like the happiest person alive ;

Finally, when they exchanged numbers and started chatting for hours.


It was his text that got her back into reality.

He I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

She had butterflies in her tummy. Her feet grew cold, heart started pounding faster, hands shivered and she was all muddled up in her head.

“All is gonna be okay”, she told herself.


Another text from him.

He I am here!

She grew weak in her knees. She was excited as hell but the only thought of all this being real made it hard to believe it was actually happening.

She gathered all her courage and walked out of the apartment. Her eyes were continuously searching for him, hundreds of thoughts running through her mind. She was calming herself down and then finally, she saw him!

She was dumbstruck!

Feeling weak in her knees, she somehow managed to walk towards him.

He Hi.

She Hey feeling all jittery from head to toe.

He So, finally we meet!

She Blushing Yeah! So?

He So, let’s go! passing on that typical smile she used to be flattered with!

And they rode away to the decided place.

It was a serene place to be. She had always loved the nights and the stars but that was the best night. Both of them sat down, facing each other. She looked at him, their eyes met but hers shied away. He sensed her hesitation and initiated the talk. They talked for hours about anything and everything they possibly could. It was more of her expressing her feelings and he listening to her, spellbound!

They were in a completely different world as if nothing else mattered.

Time flew and they didn’t realize they were too late and hungry too. But it was 1230 in the morning.

She I don’t think we’ll find something at this time!

He shushed her and asked her to get onto the ride.

Another hell of a ride started. She felt a sense of closeness, stronger than before. She could feel his heartbeat. She loved the way she felt with him. She just wanted those moments to freeze and wondered if he too felt the same.

He stopped at an eating joint. Both of them seated themselves and ordered something to eat. They were again seated next to each other, looking into each others eyes.

Her eyes shied away and rested on his lobe piercing again! She couldn’t eat much as she was already full. The feeling of being next to her longtime crush was overwhelming.

Their eyes met again but this time, hers were hiding something. He sensed her discomfort and realized that some guys who had just stepped in, were staring. He just held her hand and assured her that he won’t let anything or anyone harm her. She was so in love with him, the very moment he made her feel secure.

Finally, the date ended and he dropped her back. The entire way back home, she felt every emotion running through her body. She was loving every inch of her skin that touched him.


My career goal is to gain more international expertise in global business management, in the digital world of commerce in the management of multicultural workforces, combined with new relocation travel experiences to new countries. I have not seen enough of the world yet!

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